The noisy trolley

We had to collect a shoe-stand from across the town, and set off with a simple IKEA trolley to help us. Rolling the empty trolley along the pavement was noisy, and I complained about how it could have been better designed. After a couple of minutes, I folded it up and tucked it under my arms, unable to tolerate the noise.

We then reached our destination and collected the shoe-stand. Our first challenge was to bring it down a couple of flights of stairs. Soon, it became evident to us how heavy the shoe-stand actually was. On reaching the ground floor, we set it on the trolley and rolled it alongside the road. Moving it on the trolley was so much easier than having to lift it off the ground. On nearing home, we barely noticed that the noise the trolley made, and when we did, it sounded much better.

It was as a different trolley that we rolled back home. Our circumstances had transformed it.

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