Prioritizing consistency

Consistency and perfection are uneasy neighbours. The presence of one often compromises the other.

In the past, I have often broken commitments to habits and routines, because on some days, the product would simply not live up to my expectations. My pursuits Рwriting, guitar, running, chess and so on would all ebb and flow sporadically. This is because in our world, consistency is respected, but perfection is worshipped.

In recent times, I have decided to give consistency a fair shot. Consistency can be hard and requires a relentless mindset. I have revisited my approach to prioritise consistency, often varying other factors to make it easier to do something regularly – chief among them being perfection.

Perfection is random. We could model perfection as a function that oscillates wildly around a mean value. On some days, we perform exceedingly well, and on others, we simply don’t. This is simply how we work. But what about consistency ? Consistency steadily increases the value of the mean as a whole.

The result of consistency and perfection working together is what we call genius.

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