A reason to wake up

Waking up early enough has never been easy.

I’ve tried alarms that get me to solve math puzzles, wake me gently using bird calls and a bunch of other means. Regardless, I invariably end up falling short.

Why is it so hard to wake up? Is it harder when it is cold? Is it harder when I have not slept early enough? Is it harder when I have had pizza for dinner? I have been struggling to draw a correlation between these factors, and sure, they do matter. But let us consider the glaring exceptions.

I find myself waking up unfailingly whenever I have an early flight to catch. I set multiple alarms, but I’m up with the first one. Back when I used to cycle regularly, I used to wake up at 4:30 AM to go on a long ride, even if I went to sleep at 1 AM. What made those cases different?

The reason we do not wake up is because we do not have a compelling enough reason to. This is the strongest correlation I can draw. If the warmth between the sheets is stronger than our plan for the morning, we end up staying in bed.

Of course, it helps to have a plan for the morning.

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