Thank you, dear couch

We shifted houses yesterday. I have always believed that we did not own much stuff. All of the lugging we have done has burst that bubble. Moving houses is the only time we truly realize how much we own. Every bag, every suitcase, every piece of furniture that we carry deepens this understanding.

It is easy to get attached to stuff that we own, as we go through life. This phenomenon is termed as the endowment effect – where owners attach disproportionate value to the things they possess. We latch on to everything we own unconsciously. This is the reason we end up hoarding things well past their usefulness and feel guilty when we try to throw them away. This is the also reason we end up overvaluing them. In a sense, the stuff we own ends up owning us.

The means to break away from this attachment is gratitude. By being thankful to the things that have served us, we acknowledge their role in bettering our lives, and this gives us the requisite closure to dispose them without any guilt.

I hope we develop more gratitude by the time we move houses again.


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