That friend who calls your bullshit

It is easy to recall that friend who is your fiercest and truest critic?

On growing older, we tend to become more selective of the people we befriend. Given all the challenges we shoulder, we surround ourselves with friends who are mostly pleasant to us. Regardless of their best intentions, this niceness could come at the cost of authenticity. The way we are wired makes it easier for us to keep these friends and sideline the ones that tell us unpleasant truths. Marcel Proust went so far as to pronounce that the nature of friendship was to not dispel harsh truth, but to indulge in insincere, pleasant exchanges.

It takes someone to care enough about you to dole out pointed criticism. A statement, an action, a gesture, an expression – all of these can feel so different going out than when taken in. I am thankful for having a few friends courageous enough to point this difference out.

Suggestion: Thank that friend this reminded you of.


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