Relevant credentials

From the little that I have seen of the world, I am convinced that we Indians have the worst traffic – especially in terms of driving etiquette.

I met this guy recently (let’s call him Ben),  and we were discussing his trip to India. He assumed that Indians were bats – navigating streets using echolocation, with frequent honks. Hence, Indians could drive even with their eyes closed. Bam! Indian traffic could use a hilarious metaphor or two!

I could have never thought about this, or imagine anybody in India thinking about our traffic this way. It pays to look at these things with a fresh pair of eyes.

Ben is also different in other ways. Today, he is a freelancer, and he excels at teaching people to use code for creating digital art. He has taught three semesters at a university in Berlin. His credentials?  Free tutorials on Youtube. Ben never finished his formal education.

College degrees are already relics of a past, that the world clings to out of sheer habit. So are résumés. Ben has the most relevant credentials for navigating the present world.

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